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“I am a new member of Monterey Bay Village and The Carmel Foundation. I find the organization is a great asset for myself and for Monterey Peninsula senior citizens. All volunteers should be applauded for the tremendous work they do and the help they render. I work with Leanne and Kristine in arranging to get a ride to go grocery shopping and to come to The Carmel Foundation for lunch. I find them so easy going and great to work with; they are always polite and concerned for your wellness. Sometimes I have changes to my ride schedule and they are always accommodating and understanding. The volunteers are outstanding and could not be more helpful. I am extremely grateful for their service.” - Najoo Khambatta, Village member

“It’s security. I’ve been in my home for 42 years and I want to stay here as long as I can. Monterey Bay Village allows me to be here safely and comfortably.” – Gerda Rayne, Village member

“We can have confidence and trust in the immediate assistance and recommendations we receive from Monterey Bay Village. It means glorious joy in the freedom and security we experience with the care they provide for our home and garden as we grow older.” – Sue Wulfmeyer, Village member

“I was thrilled when the Monterey Bay Village started in our area. I had long wished we had a Village like the one first started at Beacon Hill in Boston. I just have to call one person to get the help I need to stay in my own home. I am especially impressed with our great volunteers that make this wonderful program work.” – Anonymous, Village member

“My family’s gift to our mother of a membership in Monterey Bay Village was one of the best decisions we could have made for the whole family. It’s often a time-consuming challenge for adult children to find competent and vetted volunteers and professionals to help meet the needs of an aging parent. Access to the excellent resources of Monterey Bay Village has made that task much easier and we’re so grateful!” – Anonymous, adult child of a Village member




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